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Mintura’s Handpainted Flowers Ring in Spring No Matter the Season

Spring blooms no matter the space. This 100% hand-painted old painting infuses life into every living room, dining room, and kitchen. Hang it by a window and watch as the sun hits the soft textures of this morden oil painting.

Pair it with bright, bold furniture or perhaps rustic couches and tables to bring these colors to life. The painting is frameless and offered in light green and bright blue. This piece is offered in 9 different variations.

Large Paintings: A trend

The world of large paintings is a world set for those who enjoy design. Make this piece the first thing a guest views when they walk in. Skip hanging up multiple pieces on the wall and enjoy a large view of delicate flowers. These are mighty big, yet trendy!

Spring All Year

May these pieces transport your guests to the season of spring no matter the time of day it is in the world. May it remind you of fresh flowers falling from aged branches in the spring or your favorite day at the park.

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