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Home Decorations Reminding Us to #SelfCare

Throughout the hustle and bustle of our days, it doesn’t hurt having a few decorations around the house reminding us to #SelfCare. Hang this canvas art painting in your bedroom or bathroom. Unwind with the warmth of your favorite bathrobe and one of those sparkly bath bombs from Lush. Don’t worry, your good ole painting will be right there with you reminding you that rest is right on the horizon.

Where to hang my painting?

Hang above your white-sheeted bed or pair it with brightly colored eclectic furniture. No matter the space, this painting brings modernity and a touch of rest into the mix. The painting is 100% handpainted with environmental oil paint on canvas and may come in brown wooden frames or white wooden frames.

A Few Tips on #SelfCare

#Selfcare is crucial for individuals to live healthily in a world that continues to move. And more often than not, the world moves extremely fast. Sometimes, it can all be painfully overwhelming. #Selfcare begins with yourself, in your sphere, and in your soul. It is more than bubble baths and massages (though, these things are helpful) but rather, it’s taking care of our emotional, mental, and spiritual health.

While you’re hanging up your Sleep painting, carve out time for a walk in nature, to breathe in fresh air, or play a new game. Perhaps, paint or write with no intention of posting it on social media or turning it into a serious profession. Do things for your heart and seek out things that bring joy into your life.

Just, Sleep.

When all hell breaks loose in life, which it well—just, sleep. This painting is both home decor and a friendly reminder to rest and #selfcare.

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