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Home Decorations Reminding Us to #SelfCare

Throughout the hustle and bustle of our days, it doesn’t hurt having a few decorations around the house reminding us to #SelfCare. Hang this canvas art painting in your bedroom or bathroom. Unwind with the warmth of your favorite bathrobe and one of those sparkly bath bombs from Lush. Don’t worry, your good ole painting […]

Modern Pop Art Temps the Bold

Modern pop art knows how to tempt the boldest of the bold. This hand-painted crying lady blends edge and bold flavor making it the highlight of your every living space. Mix 90s edge with the boldness of the 60s and what you have is a conversation starter. The Bold Get Bolder This painting comes in […]

Mintura’s Handpainted Flowers Ring in Spring No Matter the Season

Spring blooms no matter the space. This 100% hand-painted old painting infuses life into every living room, dining room, and kitchen. Hang it by a window and watch as the sun hits the soft textures of this morden oil painting. Pair it with bright, bold furniture or perhaps rustic couches and tables to bring these […]

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